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Philadelphia Glider Council is a member owned not-for-profit cooperative. The property, facilities, equipment and aircraft are owned and operated by the membership for the purpose of engaging in and furthering the sport of soaring. In return for owning and operating our own gliderport and aircraft, flying gliders at PGC is relatively inexpensive as compared to many other soaring operations. All members are required and expected to serve field duty days, assist with flight operations, and to cooperatively provide the labor for necessary upkeep to the facility. Members pay annual dues and tow fees for each flight – however, PGC gliders and instructors are available to all members for no additional charge. PGC’s twelve qualified CFI-G’s instruct on a volunteer basis with no compensation. If you are interested in joining PGC, fill out a membership application and return to the PGC Membership Chairperson. Kelly TerefenkoApplication (PDF)

There is no fee to submit an application and when received we will mail you a packet of membership information. Membership applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors at regular monthly meetings and in most cases your Associate Membership can start immediately. 

To accept the Associate Membership offer, one year’s membership dues and the refundable bond must be paid when you join. Following the probationary period, an Associate Member may become a Full Member by a vote of the general membership – the second years dues are prorated.

Membership Dues and Fees

Regular Member
Student Member*
Family Member**

Annual Dues

Refundable Bond

Entrance Fee ***

Tow Fees (effective 4/1/2016)







1 – No Fee for glider use or instruction

2 – Tow charges are billed quarterly.

* For members not over age 22 and enrolled as full time students. There are also a limited number of scholarships available which could further reduce the cost. Please inquire when sending in application.

** The significant other of a regular member.

*** Paid in four quarterly installments over the first year. Please contact Membership Chairman for details of initial costs and first year billings.