PGC Ground School Day 2

3-Day Course held from 9 am to 4:30 pm at the Henning’s Market 290 Main Street in Harleysville PA

Who should attend this course?
• Anyone interested in learning about the sport of soaring.
• Student pilots preparing for the FAA written knowledge test for
initial Private Pilot’s certificate.
• Commercial and Flight Instructor candidates who want to
converse like an expert during their FAA oral and checkride.
• Power pilots transitioning to gliders, or any licensed pilot who
wants to enhance their soaring flight knowledge.
• Pilots who haven’t reviewed aeronautical knowledge material
for a few years and want to feel sharper.
• Glider owners – To qualify for an insurance discount.
• Anyone who is suffering from winter induced aviation withdraw
and wants to keep their head in the game.

Topics Covered:
• Weather Services
• Critical Weather
• Flight Instruments
• Pre-Flight Procedures
• Sailplane Aerodynamics
• Effects of Density Altitude
• Flight Limitations
• Emergency Procedures
• Off-Field Landings
• Aeromedical Factors
• Aeronautical Decision Making
• Collision Avoidance
• Cross-Country Planning
• Sectional Charts
• The Airspace System
• Communications
• Weight & Balance
• Pilot Privileges
• FAR’s for Glider Pilots
• Documents & Certificates
• Flight Maneuvers
• Checkride Preparation

COST Full Seminar/2 Days/1 Day
Adult $60/$45/$25
Academic Student $40/$30/$20

All participants attending the ground school will receive a logbook endorsement to qualify for their practical test.

Scholarships available for all academic students
Registration: Contact – Bob O’Brien