Movie Night!

We’ll be showing a cult classic. Yes, after dark. You do not want to miss. Bring food and beverages and enjoy your fellow members and friends company at PGC.

Hot Air Balloon Fest

Let’s start off the encampment week right on Saturday July 16th. We will have hot air balloonists joining us for the day for some picnicking and glider flights, followed in the late afternoon by up to (10) hot air balloons taking off from our air field. Unwind from an eventful dat with an evening of … Read more

Fall Clean-up

Fall clean-up, bring rakes, leaf blowers and implements of destruction.

Ground school during the encampment – you don’t want to miss!

Joe Miller is a long time PGC member, Flight Instructor, and retired FAA Designated Pilot Examiner. He has volunteered to run a ground school during the Encampment, and to hang around and answer questions during the day. This is a wonderful opportunity that I hope all of our students will take advantage of: DAY 1: … Read more

PGC contest for 2021 – Postponed!(Weather)

Jack will be setting the first task for the season. Not sure you are ready for it? Talk to an instructor. And we hope to see the Duo on the grid! So mark your calendars for 6/6/21

Fall Clean up Day

Fall Clean up day – Bring rakes and leaf blowers. Many hands will make for short work.

Board meeting 7 pm at PGC!

Yes, the first in person board meeting in 15 month at PGC. 7pm. And enjoy the beautiful sunset on our precious 117 acres.

Official Start of the Season

Not, that we ever stop flying, but April 2rd is the official opening of the season. Come on out and enjoy your club. Make sure to have your Ops and safety briefing under your belt and have signed up for field duty.  

First flight of 2020 on New Years Day

Join in the longstanding tradition of taking your first flight of the season on New Years Day. Weather and field conditions permitting, we start 9 am(ish).