Weekend Update

Saturday will again feature bases as high as 10,000 ft and again feature OD and showers, with the NWS mentioning the possibility of thunderstorms later in the day.  I don’t think tstms are very likely however – still a cautionary note.  OD/shower activity will generally increase during the afternoon and be more likely over the … Read more

Weekend Outlook

Saturday should be yet another day with 9,000 ft bases but the tendency to OD and rain/snow showers will be on the increase, enough to threaten an early shutdown to soaring.  Best guess for timing of widespread storms and OD is 4 PM.  The weekly POTUS TFR goes active at 2130Z so don’t plan on … Read more

More of the Same

Hard to believe but Thursday, Friday, and Saturday all look about as good as today.  Let’s wear out the towpilots and fill the post-COVID coffers – need ops for Friday!   There is a chance of showers on both Friday and Saturday but not enough to spoil the fun.   QV May 12 2130Z

Wednesday Details

The day continues to look strong with bases as high as 7,500 ft msl.  Winds in the mixed layer are strong enough to be troublesome  – 35 kts at cloudbase early afternoon deceasing ot 20 later.  The NWS and the KABE TAF are not forecasting strong gusts but they are a possibility given the wind … Read more

Wed – Sunday Soaring

It’s rare to be able to predict several days of good soaring here in SE PA but that’s what we are looking at.  All five days should provide cloudbases at 6,000 – 7,000 ft and only Wednesday has enough wind (NW15 – 20 kt) to be a factor.   QV May 11 1245Z

Sunday Wx Update

Sunday Forecast Update Cloud and rain encroaching from the SW will eventually shut everything down. Best guess for timing is for conditions to deteriorate from about 2 PM on – prior to that we may have a short soaring window. QV May 8 2240Z

Weekend Wx

Not looking like much of a weekend.  Perversely Sunday (Mothers’ Day) is the more promising of the two days.   Saturday we might even be below basic VFR mins for much of the day, plus there is a decent chance of rain.   Sunday could produce climbs to 5,000 ft or so, with cu.  Wind … Read more