Wx from QV

POINT SOARING FORECAST FOR KABE VT SAT AUGUST 5 10 AM Synoptics We will be post frontal by early Saturday and our weekend weather will be controlled by a large high pressure system centered north of the Great Lakes.This is a setup for two very similar days.  Also very pleasant days. Instability Don’t’ expect much … Read more

Sunday/Monday Wx

Synoptics The low pressure system which gave us unsettled weather is moving away to the NE where it still has the potential to  harass the R2N contest, leaving us under the influence of an extensive if weak area of high pressure and the associated weak anticyclonic flow. Instability Bothe Sunday and Monday should have mixed … Read more

May 21 Weekend Outlook

2023 May 20 Weekend Outlook.  This forecast is for the area within about 50 miles from KABE. Synoptics Saturday will bring frontal passage and at least some rain.  Low ceilings (or at least low clouds) are likely to preclude all gliding.  Sunday will be post-frontal with a brisk northerly flow. Instability 6,000 ft msl BL … Read more

Weekend Wx

 Weekend Outlook Synoptics Following an ugly week with wx controlled by an omega block we should see at least one good soaring day (Saturday) as the low retreats NE and a high pressure ridge builds.  Sunday looks likely to be undermined by the westward march of a sprawling frontal system.  Should be flyable in parts … Read more