Almost There…

We have received the “Base line Document(BLD).” The BLD documents what is currently on our property and how we use it. It controls what we can do with our property in the future. The Easement committee and the Board of Directors is currently reviewing this document. Once we agree with the Township over the BLD … Read more

501(c)3 Conversion

At this month’s board meeting Cheshire Law presented their updated analysis of our conversion to a 501(c)3 organization. The revised report is in the document library: Report from Cheshire law I do encourage everyone to read it, I admit it is about as exciting as reading the FAR/AIM, if you want the Cliff notes see pages … Read more

Can we fly yet?

It’s April so we are flying, wait, what? Yea, April rains have made the field its usual spring mud pit. But fear not, the sun will come out the grass will grow, sucking up that water. And we will be flying! Stay tuned to our social media outlets: email, text and Discord. — UPDATE – … Read more

PGC 2.0

We should close on the easement sometime in early April. You may be wondering; “What’s next?” Very good question, we have engaged a law firm (Cheshire Law Group) that specializes in non-profit organizations. They have a tax expert on non-profit tax law. (Think about that a second, if non-profits are exempt from taxes, how many … Read more

Spring is coming.

Pauxautawney Phill may say otherwise, but days are getting longer and I’m a firm believer that spring 2022 will be here soon. Ground school is in progress, classes are being recorded so if you missed one or otherwise want to see them, they will be available. Contact Chief Instructor Phil for how to access. Remember … Read more

2022 is upon us.

We are in that magical week between Christmas and New Years. I’ve always enjoyed this week because when I was working we always had a “plant shutdown” and so I had the week off. Amy just reminded me that just because I’m retired does not mean I don’t get to take this week off as … Read more

Winter, no time to hibernate.

Winter is here, we will continue to fly on weekends and Wednesday’s so long as the weather and field conditions support it. if you are looking for instruction check with your favorite instructor to see if they are available. Plus we have some new winter activities planned. And of course we will be flying New … Read more

Fall Wrap up.

In case you have not heard, Joe Mckeever, Wolfgang, Thamm, Peter Quigley and myself have been reelected to your Board of Directors. Your board in turn elected Adam White as Treasure, Michelle Wootton as Secretary, Wolfgang Thamm as Vice President and myself as President(Otherwise I would not be writing this blog. ;-)) I want to … Read more

Protect our Tow Pilots!

We have had TWO incidences of Tow Plane kiting this year. Yes TWO! While both pilots landed safely, we must not be scaring our Tow Pilots. Remember, your glider has very large wings and tremendous lifting power, the tow plane has a tiny elevator. In a fight the tow plane is going to lose every … Read more

It’s not over yet.

While we were all hoping that “life would be normal” by this fall, COVID-Delta has had other plans for us. While I believe most of our members have been vaccinated, we must be diligent. I am sorry to announce that we have canceled Neighbors day for this Year. Many instructors are now asking students to … Read more