Types of Membership

Associate Members – Upon joining, a member is an “Associate” for the first 12-months of their membership. At the end of the 12-month period (or at the time of next scheduled Board meeting) the member will be evaluated by the Board of Directors (BoD) for participation in normal flying activities and events, conduct, and willingness to participate with required non-flying activities. The BoD then makes a recommendation to the general membership. The general membership must offer a majority vote to accept an Associate Member into Regular Member status.

Regular Active Members – Individuals confirmed as regular members by a vote of the membership and paying full dues. These members are considered active flying members with full member voting privileges.

Student or Family Active Members – Individuals confirmed as student or family members by a vote of the membership and who pay the appropriate dues. These members are considered flying members.

However, student members do not have voting privileges.

Inactive Members – Should a regular member, in good financial standing, decide to temporarily suspend their flying activity they may enter “inactive” status. There is no refund of current year dues or fees when declaring inactive status. Inactive members are required to maintain their SSA membership and pay a PGC inactive fee on an annual basis. Failure to pay these fees automatically results in the inactive status becoming a resignation from the organization. When an inactive member “reactivates” their membership, they are required to pay the full year’s dues. Associate members cannot become inactive members.

Honorary MemberThis membership is a special class of members who are afforded the rights of membership except for flying and voting privileges (a non-flying/non-voting membership). Honorary members do not pay dues. The limited category of honorary members is proposed by the Board of Directors based on outstanding merit and contribution to the organization over an extended period of time. A vote of the membership is required to appoint an honorary member.

Special MemberThis membership category is for an active member, who for medical or other reasons, is unable to fly. However, this member demonstrates an interest, and is qualified, to continue to be involved with buildings and grounds, or operational work. A Special Member is permitted to operate PGC equipment (excluding aircraft) and engage in buildings and grounds work, ground operations and events within the organization. This non-flying, non-voting membership is conferred by the Board of Directors for a period of one-year and can be renewed at the discretion of the Board. A special member pays the equivalent of the inactive member fee.

Resigning Members – Should a member decide to terminate their participation with the organization, and choose not be declare an inactive status, they have resigned. If, at a later date, the former member decides to rejoin – they are considered a new member candidate. In this case they are subject to all new member fees, including the entrance fee, and Board approval.