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15 meter hangar slot for sale
Occupied by K6, already have party interested in buying it.

Thamm Wolfgang
Wolfgang Thamm
Trailer spot # 37 for sale
TRAILER SPOT #37 FOR SALE. In south hanger (red building by wind sock). All bids are to be submitted to the Secretary; in the event of multiple bids, the winning bid will go to the member with the longest seniority.

Thamm Wolfgang
Contact Secretary Beth Taylor
Hanger: Glider trailer slot in south hanger
Trailer slot (#28) in south hanger (red building by wind sock)

Esser Klaus
See PGC email
10x4 Aero Classic Inner Tube With Straight Valve
10x4 Aero Classic inner tube with a straight valve. Never used since I purchased this inner tube with the wrong valve.

Serota Andrew
ASW 15b
ASW 15b Complete refinish Needs nothing with Trailer

LeeRoy Coombs or see Jack
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