Encampment Wx, Thursday Update

It’s going to be hot and humid today with heat indices possibly over 100F.  Wind speed will pick up to 15 – 20 kts SW, there is a chance of thunder and a chance of OD, and a Biden TFR goes live  at 2030Z (1630 EDT).  Other than that the day should be soarable to about 5,500 ft msl.

Friday continues to look promising with dew points dropping into the mid sixties and a welcome air mass change as a cold front pushes through.  “Cold” is relative – it’s still going to be 90+ but the 10 degree drop in dew points will be very noticeable.  Cloudbase is about 6,000 ft msl.  The weekend Biden TFR will put Morgantown off limits south of the airport but otherwise the GCup should be on.

Any PIREPS for Wednesday appreciated.

QV, 2022-07-21 1100Z