Friday AM Update and Weekend Outlook

The high cloud cover yesterday probably spoiled what might have been a record day.  Conditions at PGC were barely sustainable until about 1:00 PM. I launched at about 1:30 PM with a lot of high cloud cover and ugly looking black Cu.  I set out for Blairstown at about 2:00 PM under a much improved sky but conditions cycled rapidly and about 30 miles on course it became obvious that I was heading for a landout (OK – an engine run) if I did not turn back.  Had a pretty much dead glide back to PGC.

High pressure rules through at least Saturday giving us another two days of good soaring.
BL is again expected to be about 7,000 ft should produce climbs in the 2 – 4 kt (average) range,
No sign of any cloud other than Cu in any of the soundings and Cu should get as high as 6,000+ ft msl.  There is not much to stop vertical growth to about 10,000 ft so there could be more cloud cover than we might like as moisture accumulates under the inversion.  This certainly shows up as OD in SkySight but the KABE TAF is only SCT060,
Less than 10 kts, NW.
None – should be possible to work with any OD that appears. 
QV Friday July 23 1100Z
Weekend Outlook
Saturday looks like a re-run of today so leave your gliders assembled.  All good things come to an end and they probably will on Sunday.  Biden TFR on Saturday.