Wednesday Details

The day continues to look strong with bases as high as 7,500 ft msl.  Winds in the mixed layer are strong enough to be troublesome  – 35 kts at cloudbase early afternoon deceasing ot 20 later.  The NWS and the KABE TAF are not forecasting strong gusts but they are a possibility given the wind speed at 7,5000 ft.  The only other spoiler could be OD but any OD should be easy to avoid and the airmass is good enough that any sun at all on the ground will generate lift.  Conditions should be good for both the North and South Gcup. 

Thursday looks even better, pretty much a re-run minus the strong wind.

QV May 11 2300Z

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Details”

  1. Richard, it’s such a treat to have you providing expert forecasting of soaring conditions for us, forecasts that otherwise would only be available to contest pilots. Thank you for guiding us!!

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