Weekend Update

Saturday will again feature bases as high as 10,000 ft and again feature OD and showers, with the NWS mentioning the possibility of thunderstorms later in the day.  I don’t think tstms are very likely however – still a cautionary note.  OD/shower activity will generally increase during the afternoon and be more likely over the high ground.  For once thee North GCup course is likely to see worse weather than the South.  Winds are SW, 5-10 kts so any showers won’t be moving much.

Sunday continues to look good for training, rather less so for XC flying because of increasing shower activity later in the day.  Bases will be “only” 6,500 ft.

QV May 15 1200Z


1 thought on “Weekend Update”

  1. Richard,
    Thank you for your insightful forecasts, which have helped get people out to take advantage of correctly predicted great (epic) conditions. Thank you.
    It’s wonderful to have to back at PGC!!


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