Almost There…

We have received the “Base line Document(BLD).” The BLD documents what is currently on our property and how we use it. It controls what we can do with our property in the future. The Easement committee and the Board of Directors is currently reviewing this document. Once we agree with the Township over the BLD we can proceed with closing on the easement. We should be able to close before the end of the month.

This is our eightieth year! On the seventh day of January 1942, the Philadelphia Glider Council officially came into existence. (At 9:00 am if you must know.) We will be celebrating with picnics, parties and flying. Watch your email for details.

Regular and Associate members should be receiving a (physical) letter announcing a special membership meeting on July 14th at 7:00PM. This meeting will be held (via ZOOM) in place of the regular board meeting. We will be voting on changes to our Certificate of Incorporation and our by-laws in preparation of our application for 501(c)3 status. We will start the meeting by promoting eligible Associate members to Regular membership so they can vote on this critical matter. Additional details will be sent out via email.  Be sure your dues are paid in full so you can vote. [A physical letter announcing the meeting was sent to comply with N.J. State law.]

We have a new Grob 103. As many of you know, Ridge Soaring has been sold and the flight operation have been shut down. This is a tremendous loss to the soaring community. Their aircraft and equipment are up for sale. Jack  reviewed the equipment they have and has negotiated a deal for us to purchase one of their Grob 103s.  The Long Range planning committee, the instructors and board have all come to the conclusion the Grob 103 is the best glider for our primary goal of student instruction. Unfortunately, no new ones have been built in forty years. Many of those that come to the market have been severely abused. Adding this well taken care of Grob to our fleet will give us some additional flexibility. We are also looking into the having each of our 103s refurbished, a process that could take up to a year. This new Grob will help us keep a full fleet flying while the refurbishment progresses.

Parts for the repair for C3 and BG are in the county, we “should” have the parts by the time you read this, FedEx willing….

Some of our new member have been confused about who’s responsibility it is to record your release altitude. Back before we recorded flight electronically, all flights were recorded on PAPER. At the end of the flight the pilot walled up to the desk and reported to the recorder his/her release altitude. But with the iPad we have gotten sloppy. If someone recording your flight happens to hear on the radio your intended release altitude, they often pre-enter it. They are doing this as a FAVOR to you. If they get it wrong or not at all it is YOUR responsibility to make sure it is right before leaving the field. Do NOT complain to the Treasurer about being billed for a 5000′ tow when you did not verify you altitude before you left the field!

I don’t want to end this column on a downer, but… Just like gasoline, AveGas is going up in price. We will be purchasing a load of AveGas in July. We expected the cost could be double what we paid last year. That means tow fees will need to be adjusted. Sorry.