Not quite unanimous…..

Thank you all for taking the time to attend the special membership meeting and/or voting for PGCs future.  One person voted no, would that individual please let me know your concerns? Drop an anonymous note in the treasure’s box with your concerns. I’ll try to address them in my next column.

So, what’s next? We will file the articles of incorporation with the State of New Jersey, and complete our application for 501(c)3 status to be submitted to the IRS. The date we submit our application is important as once we are approved for 501(c)3 status it will be retroactive to that date. The bad news is the IRS is very backed up reviewing applications. So, it is unlikely they will even start the review process until about April of next year. In the meantime we should start acting and thinking like a 501(c)3. This should be easy, as it is basically how we have been operating all along, we just did not have official recognition.

If anyone has any questions, please send me a note, or catch me at the field. I’ll do my best to answer.

Encampment is happening as I write this. The new camper slots are clearly very popular, they are all full for the week and we have a few overflow tents as well. Monday got off to a slow start because of weather, but Tuesday had forty-nine flights. Our volunteer instructors and tow pilots are making it all possible. Thank a  Tow Pilot or Instructor today! These selfless members make PGC possible.

The old Diesel tank has been removed, a new double lined tank will be delivered next week. Also, a local company “Junk Elves” will be removing the burn pile over the next couple of weeks. It will take them many trips to clean it up. If we are flying when they arrive, they will be looking for an escort to help them cross the runways. Please help them when they show up. Once we get these two items taken care of we will get our escrow money back.

We also just received a delivery of 3000 gallons of Aviation fuel. We should be good until next spring.  I have not seen the invoice yet, you probably don’t want to know….

Remember we are all Safety officers! If you see something, anything, that does not look right to you, take action, do not assume it is someone else’s job. If you do not feel qualified to deal with the problem, bring it to someone else’s attention.  Everyone is authorized to stop operations if you think something is not safe.

A Trailer slot is available in south hanger $6,000. Contact the secretary if interested.