October? Wait! where did the summer go?

Wow, October is here! One of my favorite months. The weather is cooler, the leaves are changing, but also the days are getting shorter. We see less of our youth members because they are back in school. (You remember school, right?) We slow down a bit in the fall, but we don’t stop. Regular Wednesday flying will continue until the clocks change and we will continue scheduled instruction thru November 6th. After that, no more scheduled instructors, field managers or tow pilots. But feel free to make arrangements with an instructor, and check the schedule for tow pilots. We will fly when can and field conditions support it. Clean up day is coming. We will wait until the leaves are off the trees sometime near the end of November. Many hands make quick work of the cleanup.

The Fall Member’s meeting will be at Calvary Church on Saturday November 5th. 9:00AM.  Elections will be via Election Runner. The members up for election for your board are: Michael O’Donnell, Stephen Buerkle, Jones Shannon, Ajay Tandon and Phil Klauder. We will be electing three members to serve a three year term. We are working on a mixed live Zoom approach for those who do would prefer not to attend in person. We will have a casual Potluck BBQ starting around 5:00 that evening. Bring food and drinks!

I would like to thank Steve Devine and Alain Daumas for their service on your Board of Directors. They have both been key contributors to the board and PGC. PGC is a better place because of their service. It is time for them both to take a break from the board and let others have the fun. Serving time on the board you really get to see how an all volunteer operation like PGC works. It truly takes a team. Should the nominating committee approach you about serving on the board, please do consider it. Yes, it takes some time, but PGC can not function with out an active board.

PX and KG(the glider we bought from Ridge Soaring) are all packed up and really to go to Poland.  A big thanks to Jack Goritski and Mike Little for designing, building and installing the fixtures necessary to safely pack the two gliders in the container. Thanks to Jef Potters for dealing with the arrangements to ship the gliders to Poland. And thanks to the many who showed up to help disassemble pull, push, drill and otherwise help out packing the gliders into the container.

It’s October, all campers in temporary slots must be moved, either off of the property or parked on the field. There will be a $150 charge for campers that over winter on the field.  Please note, once your camper is on the field, it is going to be mostly inaccessible. Except when the field is solidly frozen it will be very muddy. Attempts to move the campers could result in severe field damage.

Might you be interested in becoming a tow pilot? You need a private power certificate, and 10 hours in a Cessna 170. You can get the 170 time at Van Sant. You do not need a Commercial power rating. After that, just let Steve Devine know.

A Trailer slot is available in south hanger $6,000. Contact the secretary if interested.