Off to a great start!

The 2021 season is starting off great! So far this year we have had more flights to date than in 2019 (we will just try to forget 2020). Because of some exceptional weather we has some phenomenal flights this spring. Lukas Furdal and Mikolaj(Mik) Karasinski earned their Silver badges. Mik’s daughter Julia earned her silver altitude! (Youngest SSA member to ever do so!) PGC is currently in second place in our region in the On Line Contest.

We had our first in-person BoD meeting in over a year in the club house Friday night. We have accepted fourteen new members. Thanks to Don Clinger for organizing and making sense of our nearly year and a half backlog of applications.

Our instructors and tow pilots are doing a fantastic job! Be sure to thank them, remember they are volunteers, just like the rest of us. Have tail wheel time and interested in being a tow pilot? See Steve Devine. Interested in being an instructor? Hit the books and talk to Phil Klauder.

Despite the rains and fast growing grass the mowing crew has managed to keep the field flyable. Remember to thank them as well.


On the last Sunday (weather permitting) of every month we will have a PGC local mini-contest. Jack will be our contest director and design a doable, yet challenging x-county task. This is an opportunity for our members to get a feel for how a regional contest is run and what is it like to participate. So come out and spread your wings (you will need to have at least your bronze badge to enter). Or come out and pitch in for ground support.

Glider Update

The Duo Discus(F2) is out of the club house. It should be flyable in just a few days. The G103(H3) is also on the mend and should also be on the flight line in a few days. Thanks to Jack and many helping hands to get these two birds back on line.

Club House

With F2 repairs completed a deep clean was performed on the clubhouse. Thanks to Alain, Jack and many others. Let’s keep it clean, you use it, you clean it. Remember this year we have adopted a new strategy for cleaning the bathrooms: Everyone (no exceptions!) gets assigned ONE day to clean the bathrooms. With this approach you will only have to clean once every two years. If you miss your assigned day, you will be put on the top of the list to make up for it. Miss two weeks and you will find yourself on the dreaded “No fly List.” Scheduling is by Phil LaRue, so if you can’t make your day talk to Phil about switching days.

Party Time!

Saturday June 26th, we will have a Potluck BBQ bring your family and introduce them to these craze pilots you hang out with on weekends! See “Events” for more details


We will once again hold our Encampment the magical third week in July. Hone your skills, add a new rating or just hang out. July 19-23. Steve Devine recently send out a survey, please respond so we can plan for tow pilots and instructors. On the last day of encampment the family of Harry Beard will hold a memorial Service in the picnic area. Harry was a long time member and tow pilot. Feel free to join the family remembering Harry.