Protect our Tow Pilots!

We have had TWO incidences of Tow Plane kiting this year. Yes TWO! While both pilots landed safely, we must not be scaring our Tow Pilots. Remember, your glider has very large wings and tremendous lifting power, the tow plane has a tiny elevator. In a fight the tow plane is going to lose every single time. In one instance the tow plane lost 800 feet while releasing the tow rope and recovering. Fortunately the pilot had some altitude and was able to recover. It is YOUR responsibility to protect our tow pilot pilot safety.


Yes, you may have to land out, yes you may have to endure the hassle of dissembling a glider and trailering it backs to the field. You may even damage a glider. That is NOTHING compared putting one of our our tow pilots in danger! Let me say it again: If you lose site of the tow plane you MUST release. No excuses! If there is any part of this you do not understand, please, please, please talk to an instructor!

That is my safety rant, on to other news.

Incase you have not heard, the easement vote was overwhelmingly in favor. It is now back in the hands of the township supervisors. We will need expert legal advice about the taxability of this income, how to minimize taxes on the earrings in the future and possible restructuring the club. We are looking for legal representation who has experience with non-profit tax law.

We have a new Secretary! Beth, who has been secretary for over ten years, served many boards and at least five presidents has decided to step down. Thank you Beth for your dedication and service. Secretary of the club is one of the most important offices in the club. Be sure to thank Beth, when you see her at the field! Our new Secretary is also a new member, Michelle Wootton. Welcome aboard Michelle!

The fall membership meeting will be Saturday November 6th via ZOOM. The election will be conducted with Election Runner, the same system we used for the easement vote. After considering nominations for the board from the floor, voting will be opened on Election Runner and voting will remain open until midnight that same day. The new board will meet the following Tuesday to elect new officers. The board is also recommending a $100 dues increase to cover the cost of increasing insurance and other costs. Our last dues increase was in 2018.

Fall Clean up will be December 4th. Bring rakes, leaf-blowers and strong backs to make quick work of a big task. We will then pull the tow planes out of the hanger and have a pot-luck, byob old fashioned hanger party that evening. So come out to clean up, stay for the party.