Welcome to the PGC Flight School

Wait, what? Since when are we a flight school? Really ever since PGC was founded. And any of us, that learned to fly at PGC have done so with a curriculum, rigor and dedication of our volunteer flight instructors, that equals or exceeds any commercial flight school out there. To the point, that our DPE suggested, we could get a Part 141 flight school designation. That is not what we will do! We will remain a Part 61! But our DPE views us in this light, and the many PGC graduates flying for the airlines are proof as well.

So why the fuss? The application to the IRS, to change our non-profit status from a 501c7 to a 501c3 was officially submitted 11/11/22. And we are applying for an educational organization status, as this reflects best what we do and provides us with the most financial flexibility.

What will change? Nothing really. We will continue what we’ve done for decades. Initial instruction to private. Continuous instruction to Commercial and Flight instruction. Tow pilot instruction. Training for Cross country flights, aeronautical orientation flights to educate anybody interested. The list goes on and on. Towards the outside (website, publications…) we will emphasize more the School character. 

So no fear, your takeoffs and landings will still be scrutinized by all present, you’ll still be laughed at for falling out of the lift band on a booming day and the PGC requirements will still be stricter than the FAA’s.

A huge thank you to Dave Johnson for spearheading the 501c3 conversion. We did not even have to double his salary for him to agree on seeing this through. Oh, wait. Right. The other thing, that will not change is, that we are an all volunteers organization. For example: Steve Devine pays membership fees for the opportunity to tow us into the air. Yes, he has a beautiful K6, waiting to be flown. But if push comes to shove, he tows to make soaring possible for the rest of us. With this said – Steve remains ready through the winter to train anybody interested in becoming a tow pilot at PGC. Reach out to him for minimum requirements.

Private ships
There are new private ships at PGC this year, so good to see the number of different ships flying from our field increasing. And in case you missed it, Liv’s 1-26 is back in its hangar. We are looking forward to him circling above us again soon. There are even more ships sitting in trailers and hangars, that have not seen the light of day recently. How great would it be to get them out? Perhaps find somebody at PGC interested in partnering? Gliders want to be flown!

PGC calendar
Please send Tom Stevenson any nice pictures you have from this year’s flying season. Also let him know, if you are interested in a full size calendar. Cost will be $20-$25. It will include all pertinent 2023 PGC dates! 

Fall clean-up day 12/3/22
Somehow those dang trees dump their goods every year. And we move them with rakes, tarps and blowers – lot’s of blowers – into the woods. So bring those rakes, tarps, blowers. We start 12/3 at 8am and feed everybody when we are done.

Trailer spot for sale
Reach out to our secretary, if you are interested in a trailer spot in the South Hangar. Cost is $6,000.

BoD, Quorum, Motions, Yawn
The first PGC board meeting I attended felt like a step back in time. The mechanics, language and topics were well suited to put one to bed. Over time, I’ve come to appreciate the need and the wisdom by our founders to write the bylaws how they did. And I may have learned as much about working with people, the mechanics of a small (crazy) community and what it takes to make it work, as I have about flying since joining PGC. Which fair enough, may not be a lot. That PGC exists and thrives is fully dependent on all of us. You will be asked to help here or there. Please consider. With that, I see Mik taking the soap box away from me.