How do I determine if I should vote for this?

I can not tell you that. I can try to answer your questions, we can ask questions of our lawyer. We are trying to provide as much information as possible. Yes, there are many unknowns that will not be known for years. Personally I am asking myself one question: “Will this help to perserve 3PA2, … Read more

How was the value of the easement determined?

In December the township paid to have an appraisal done by Benchmark Appraisal Group LTD. They determined our property “as is” is was worth $5,070,000. They also determined the excluded area(13.5 acres) was worth $780,000. And with the easement in place the eased area would be worth $1,495,000. So, $5,070,000 – $780,000 – $1,495,000 = … Read more

What is a conservation easement?

Let’s start with what an easement is: An easement grants someone a right to do something on someone else’s property. For example, PECO has an easement on a corner of my property in Philadelphia. There is a power pole in the easement. PECO has the right to place a power pole in that corner of … Read more