Ground school during the encampment – you don’t want to miss!

Joe Miller is a long time PGC member, Flight Instructor, and retired FAA Designated Pilot Examiner. He has volunteered to run a ground school during the Encampment, and to hang around and answer questions during the day. This is a wonderful opportunity that I hope all of our students will take advantage of:

DAY 1: Monday 7/19 11:00 AM

A.) Glider Nomenclature

  1. a) Primary Structure
  2. b) Primary Flight Controls
  3. c) Secondary Flight Controls

B.) Glider Instruments and function

a.) Pitot –Static instruments

C.) Aerodynamics

a.) Four Forces and how they’re produced

Day 2: Tuesday 7/20 11:00 AM

  • FARS
  • Part 61(how and what you need to obtain and maintain a glider certificate.)
  • Part 91(how to lose your certificate or rules to be observed.)



DAY 3: Wednesday 7/21 11:00 AM

  • Glider performance

a.) Glider POH

b.) Weight and balance

c.) Glide Polars

B.) Airspace

C.) Sectional reading and course plotting. (a sectional’s battery never dies.)

Day 4: Thursday 7/22 1:30 PM

PTS and check ride preparation; ask the DPE (retired)

  • Oral preparation
  • Flight preparation (maneuvers)

Day 5: Friday 7/23 11:00 AM

Open discussion (anything you want to talk about)