Protect our Tow Pilots!

We have had TWO incidences of Tow Plane kiting this year. Yes TWO! While both pilots landed safely, we must not be scaring our Tow Pilots. Remember, your glider has very large wings and tremendous lifting power, the tow plane has a tiny elevator. In a fight the tow plane is going to lose every … Read more

Encampment Week

Despite smoke from the west coast we had an exciting Encampment week. Over one hundred and ninety flights with over 100 instructional flights. Two new certificates and two Silver distance badges. Several member, including many of our youth members, camped out during the week. Enabling them to get a head start on the sign up … Read more

Encampment is almost Here!

The magical week of July 19th is almost here. Arrangements are being made to have tow pilots and instructors all week. If you have not signed up already do so here. We need to know who will be there so we can arrange instructors and tow pilots. It’s a great week to finish up a … Read more

Off to a great start!

The 2021 season is starting off great! So far this year we have had more flights to date than in 2019 (we will just try to forget 2020). Because of some exceptional weather we has some phenomenal flights this spring. Lukas Furdal and Mikolaj(Mik) Karasinski earned their Silver badges. Mik’s daughter Julia earned her silver … Read more