Region 2 North June 17-27 Wurtsboro

The Region 2 North contest will be held over the course of two weekends (Friday-Sunday) in June from Wurtsboro Airport.

  • June 17 practice day.
  • June 18-20 contest days 1-3.
  • Off days June 21-24 and contest days again June 25-27 (days 4-6).
  • More on the SSA website

    Wurtsboro airport is now owned by Danny Zelek, a glider pilot. He’s already increased the 2-place glass fleet, is looking for another towplane or two, and is interested in getting winching going. Tows will be available every day June 17-June 27 and Wurtsboro is a beautiful area to fly. The agenda is as following:

    Any chance some of you may be signing up for the Wurtsboro contest? A lot of new guys in our PGC XC group are ready to stretch their wings and it’s only about a 2.5 hour drive from PGC, so it should be doable for a weekend situation where folks only need 2 vacation days to fly the competition (or 3 if you do the practice day). I did it 2 years ago, it was a fantastic experience!

    Also for those with big wings, it’s starting to look like they might have enough guys to make an 18M class or some other form of combined FAI depending on headcount. Erik is committed to pushing for challenging (but safe) tasks for the more advanced guys, and Wurtsboro provides a lot of different types of terrain. Reach out to P3 (copied) if you have interest on the 18 M class.

    If there is a critical mass of potential PGC guys Erik kindly proposed to do an “Area Briefing” to help explain the terrain and allay any concerns.