Classroom #6 is in Session

It’s 2023, and we are on a roll! Ground School in Person and as Zoom: Phil Klauder started setting up Classroom #6 (formerly club house) on Saturday for the Ground school starting this coming Saturday 1/28/23 at 9 AM either as Zoom or in person. There will be attendees from all over the country. It’s … Read more

2023 PGC Calendar

You can find the 2023 PGC calendar is in the flight office and in classroom. Every member can get a small desk calendar, which has all important 2023 PGC dates in it. The big calendars were pre-ordered. There may be a few extra. Reach out to Tom Stevenson, if you want one of the big … Read more

Welcome to the PGC Flight School

Wait, what? Since when are we a flight school? Really ever since PGC was founded. And any of us, that learned to fly at PGC have done so with a curriculum, rigor and dedication of our volunteer flight instructors, that equals or exceeds any commercial flight school out there. To the point, that our DPE suggested, … Read more

The dangers of Microbursts

A weekend read that may save your life. A detailed analysis by Clemens of a recent fatal glider accident in Colorado. I don’t think this issue is just a concern out West: