A walk in the woods

Here is a link to “Tales of the Blue Fly”, the collection of writings by Bob Fitch – a Blairstown legend. Many great stories, among them a rather interesting “retrieve” described in “A walk in the woods”: https://soaringeconomist.files.wordpress.com/2019/05/bluefly-bob-fitch.pdf

Flight recorder, OLC and SeeYou oh my

Are you of the whata coulda donna type? a Flight recorder along with OLC and SeeYou is the perfect combination. The cost? As little as nothing. What do you get? A full 3D flight replay with number of thermals, glides, the works. What does it take? A flight recorder. On an Android phone, that could … Read more

Don’t miss out on 9 days of flying!

Between 7/17 and 7/25/21 you can fly every day for 9 days! And during the encampment week, there will be ground school, simulator check-out, check-rides and probably a first solo or two or… Plus, the weather is guaranteed to be stellar – as it has been for several years in a row on this legendary … Read more

So what’s the weather gonna be like?

Here again a selection of weather tools. May the best weather win:Airnet:http://www.usairnet.com/cgi-bin/launch/code.cgi?Submit=Go&sta=KDYL&state=PA Wunderground:https://www.wunderground.com/weather/us/pa/hilltown/40.32,-75.24 Windy:https://www.windy.com/40.342/-75.253?39.863,-75.253,8 Dr. Jack:http://www.drjack.info/BLIP/NAM/NE/index.html  

More Weather tools

Here is one, which presents a good forecast for aviation: http://www.usairnet.com/cgi-bin/launch/code.cgi?Submit=Go&sta=KDYL&state=PA And you’ve probably heard about Skysight – a very compelling tool, if for no other reason than how the weather is presented. It does come at a cost: https://skysight.io/  

Weather tools

Check Wunderground: https://www.wunderground.com/weather/us/pa/hilltown/40.32,-75.24 Windy: https://www.windy.com/40.342/-75.253?39.863,-75.253,8 Dr. Jack:http://www.drjack.info/BLIP/NAM/NE/index.html