The King’s Gambit

Get out the popcorn, Clemens Ceipek, Glider pilot, Blogger and YouTuber will keep you glued to your seats with his recent videos: ‘Convergence or Nothing’ and ‘Scary Final Glide’

The grass field

In a stand of tall trees off Hilltown Pike, you turn into a driveway marked by a sign. 500 feet out the view opens up to a wide grass field sitting atop the highest point in the area.  You have entered a place close to suburbia, yet apart from it. While here, that busy hectic … Read more

Winter Flying

Oh baby it’s cold outside… So why? The clear air, spectacular  scenery, a distinctly different type of airmass to experience. The highest altitudes at PGC are typically achieved in the winter months. And then there is the wave, whith a great explanation given in this just released video by “Chess in the Air”: We’ll … Read more

Stick and Rudder

It ain’t a Hemingway. Long sentences, repetition and the elevator becomes flippers. A former member had recommended this book. He was well on his way to the airlines and mentioned, that he still rereads this book. Hmmm. While geared towards power pilots, many of the topics apply equally to gliders. If nothing else, the author … Read more

A walk in the woods

Here is a link to “Tales of the Blue Fly”, the collection of writings by Bob Fitch – a Blairstown legend. Many great stories, among them a rather interesting “retrieve” described in “A walk in the woods”: