Busy September

For those of you missed the 80th anniversary  party, you missed a great time.  It has been way too long since we were all able to get together. A very big thanks to Beth for putting it all together. The Back Porch Jug Band was excellent, I hope to see them again. We dug out a bit of PGC history that should not be forgotten. Thank you Lukas for the slide show and for Paul and Steve for narrating.

We are not done, September 24th is Neighbor’s day. We will need “all hands on deck'” We are inviting our nearest neighbors in for food and discounted flights. We will need everyone to help out. Instructor and Commercial pilots will be conducting the flights. We will need multiple tow pilots to cover for the day. We also need members to check people in and co-ordinate the flight. As well as members to set up and serve food.

Once Neighbor’s day is over, we will need to pack the gliders to be shipped to Poland for refurbishment. We will be doing trial fits of the support framing this week. We will need hands to help. The shipping container will arrive September 23ed. We will immediately load in the support structors and glider “KG,” the glider we purchased from Ridge Soaring. After neighbors day, “PX” will be disassembled and placed in the container and the container will then be on it’s way to Poland.

PGC was well represented at the “Little Guys meet” at Blairstown. Fiona, Julia and Lukas participated, with Lukas winning the event. Sounds like they are ready to do it again next year. Or maybe invite Blairstown to PGC for an event?

We have been having issues with ATV’s driving on the runways. This is unsafe for us as well as them. This is forcing us to post no trespassing markings around the airport. Fortunately  Penna. has recently implemented the “Purple Paint Law” which allows a land owner to post their property with a simple purple paint marking. We will be using paint and signs to mark the airport. This also will require many hands.

From our treasurer; AOFs are not being recored correctly. AOFs should be marked as “Type:” “AOF” and the member conduction the flight should be entered in the member column. (not the instructor column.) Members who are conduction AOFs are being charged for the flight when clearly they should not be. You can also mark “AOF” in the notes, belt and suspenders.

And LIVE from Calvary Church November 5th, it is the Members fall members meeting!  Yes, we expect to have the fall members meeting in person, the first in over two years. We will have election of new board members, review of the last year(s)’s events.


A Trailer slot is available in south hanger $6,000. Contact the secretary if interested.