“It ain’t over ‘til its over”

Dear PGC Pilots- I have five separate things to talk to you about today. Please bear with me. “It ain’t over ‘til its over”- This is the last weekend with scheduled field managers, but that doesn’t mean that we will go into hibernation. As long as the field is clear of snow, and tow pilots … Read more

October? Wait! where did the summer go?

Wow, October is here! One of my favorite months. The weather is cooler, the leaves are changing, but also the days are getting shorter. We see less of our youth members because they are back in school. (You remember school, right?) We slow down a bit in the fall, but we don’t stop. Regular Wednesday … Read more

Neighbor’s Day!

Yesterday we had a very successful Neighbor’s Day! A Big Big thanks to Beth who organized the food and greeters. Likewise to Wolfgang who not only coordinated the invitations also stepped up to Field Manage the Day. Thanks to the Tow Pilots: Peter Hoey, Steve Devine, Chris McCardell and Paul Finestone. And the instructor/commercial pilots who … Read more

Busy September

For those of you missed the 80th anniversary  party, you missed a great time.  It has been way too long since we were all able to get together. A very big thanks to Beth for putting it all together. The Back Porch Jug Band was excellent, I hope to see them again. We dug out … Read more


You do remember that we are ALL volunteers in this club? RIGHT!? I say this because there have been a couple of incidents brought to my attention that are greatly disturbing. Cases of members being berating for their volunteer effort. Whiskey Tango  Foxtrot! We do NOT complain to a Tow Pilot because he can’t tow … Read more

Not quite unanimous…..

Thank you all for taking the time to attend the special membership meeting and/or voting for PGCs future.  One person voted no, would that individual please let me know your concerns? Drop an anonymous note in the treasure’s box with your concerns. I’ll try to address them in my next column. So, what’s next? We … Read more

Closing, and next steps

On Monday June 27, we closed on the easement. A very big thanks to; Steve Devine, Phil LaRue, Wolfgang Thamm and Peter Quigley for working though all of the details. Especially the last few weeks! The funds are still working their way through the various clearing houses, but should be available to us by the … Read more

Almost There…

We have received the “Base line Document(BLD).” The BLD documents what is currently on our property and how we use it. It controls what we can do with our property in the future. The Easement committee and the Board of Directors is currently reviewing this document. Once we agree with the Township over the BLD … Read more

501(c)3 Conversion

At this month’s board meeting Cheshire Law presented their updated analysis of our conversion to a 501(c)3 organization. The revised report is in the document library: Report from Cheshire law I do encourage everyone to read it, I admit it is about as exciting as reading the FAR/AIM, if you want the Cliff notes see pages … Read more

Can we fly yet?

It’s April so we are flying, wait, what? Yea, April rains have made the field its usual spring mud pit. But fear not, the sun will come out the grass will grow, sucking up that water. And we will be flying! Stay tuned to our social media outlets: email, text and Discord. — UPDATE – … Read more