How bugs are passed around.

I (Dave) was/am a big fan of the TV show Scrubs. Despite it being a comedy show, it would often have a gem of reality. Here is a clip that I think is appropriate in today’s environment. <I>Scrubs</i> Clip Illustrates How Disease Spreads, Value of Social Distancing

How do I configure tinyCam to see the cameras?

From Security Spy’s website: We recommend the tinyCam Monitor app. To set up a camera in the tinyCam app: add a new camera, set the Vendor to Mac and the Model to SecuritySpy, enter the IP address, port and username/password of your SecuritySpy server, and in Advanced Settings set the channel number to a SecuritySpy camera number. … Read more

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2017 to be a Bad Year for Lyme!

Hi, this is Dave, I’m hi-jacking ‘From the Backseat’ to talk about an issue we need to be carful about on the ground. Ticks and Lyme. We spend a lot of time on the ground and ticks are going to be exceptionally abundant this year. Why? Because 2015 was a mast year for oak trees. Huh?! … Read more

How do I post an Item in Garage Sale

After you are logged in there will be a black bar at the top of the screen. At the left is a “W” in a circle, next to that is a small dial, click on that and select “dashboard” A black bar will appear to the left with the following choices GarageSale List Active,GargeSale List … Read more

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