Encampment is almost Here!

The magical week of July 19th is almost here. Arrangements are being made to have tow pilots and instructors all week. If you have not signed up already do so here. We need to know who will be there so we can arrange instructors and tow pilots. It’s a great week to finish up a rating or just to come out and fly. Joe Miller will be leading some ground school or to help with test preparation.

Thanks to a whole host of people; Julius, Wolfgang, Jef, David, Paul, Don, Feionia(who is not even a member yet!) and Jack, the Duo has been washed and waxed!

The nominating committee is actively searching for candidates for this fall’s Board of Directors election. We will be electing four board members. Please, if the nominating committee approaches you, do give it some consideration. No, it is not glamorous like being an instructor or tow pilot, but it is necessary. Your board needs to make decisions that affect everyone in the club. We have been working hard to make it as easier to serve on the board. Please think about it, we need your help.

Do you have your Glider Commercial rating? Ever think about becoming a CFI-G? Talk to you favorite instructor about joining the ranks of this elite team!

Do you fly power, have a tail wheel endorsement? Just love tail wheel flying? Consider becoming a Tow Pilot! Talk to Steve D. None of us get in the air without our tow pilots!

In case you missed Phil’s email on dehydration, here is the link. It’s Hot out there stay hydrated! Remember the Tow Pilots. Despite that big fan, it get hot in the tow plane, pick up the radio and ask if they need water.