Neighbor’s Day!

Yesterday we had a very successful Neighbor’s Day! A Big Big thanks to Beth who organized the food and greeters. Likewise to Wolfgang who not only coordinated the invitations also stepped up to Field Manage the Day. Thanks to the Tow Pilots: Peter Hoey, Steve Devine, Chris McCardell and Paul Finestone. And the instructor/commercial pilots who flew the AOFs: Lukas Furdal, Phil LaRue, Phil Klauder, Joe McKeever, Fiona Harnischfeger, Jack Goritski Paul Finestone, Chris McCardell and Chris Sobolewski. And to the many members who coordinated things on the ground, cooked food, shepherded guest to and from the flight line.  Ajay, Michelle, Don, Rana, Kevin, Tom, Steve, Alex and Julia.  I am sure I have forgotten a few.

Thank you all! The feedback was positive and our neighbors love us.