Spring is coming.

Pauxautawney Phill may say otherwise, but days are getting longer and I’m a firm believer that spring 2022 will be here soon.

Ground school is in progress, classes are being recorded so if you missed one or otherwise want to see them, they will be available. Contact Chief Instructor Phil for how to access. Remember a pilot is always learning.

It is not to early to start preparing for spring flying. Before anyone can fly in the spring you must attend a PGC safety briefing and/or Field managers briefing, Instructors briefing or Tow Pilots briefing. These will be scheduled soon, keep a look out for announcements. You also need to update your pilot data, follow the link from members page and visit all tabs and take credit at the end. And of course you(I) are probably not “PGC current” so you will need to fly with an instructor.

Pilots are an optimistic bunch, with that in mind, we are planing for a normilsh year. Starting with a live in-person membership meeting on March 26th. This also means a normal field manager schedule. Remember you are required to perform field duty for three days every year. When you think about it, three days are nothing compared to the investment of our Tow pilots and instructors. Failure to sign up for field duty will land you on the no-fly list and may result in a $100 fine.

We have a very active (and hungry) group of youths. They have asked to re-establish the ”rent an assistant field manager” program. If you really can’t make your field duty you can “rent” one of our youths to fill in for you. New this year; there are a number of our youths who have been promoted to full Field Manager, and yes they can be ”rented” to fill in for you Field Manager slot. Prices to be established.

We are adding seven primitive camping spots. Clearing in the woods with a gravel base. They will be available for weekends, weekly, monthly and seasonally. All campers in these slots must be removed by October 31st. If interest is strong, we will have a lottery to see who gets a slot. Spots will be free during encampment.

Speaking of encampment, yes we will have encampment again this year in that magical third week of July. Steve Devine will be publishing details.

The bill for 2022 dues went out in early January, thank you to those who have already paid. Because of a quirk in our membership year and by-laws, that bill is technically not past-due until July 1st. However until your dues are paid you are on the no-fly List!

We have a new Social Media chairperson, Fiona Harnischfeger is our social media chair, looking after our Facebook page and our new Discord server. If you need an invite to Discord drop Fiona a note,

Neighbors Day – September 24th(rain date October 1st). We will send out invitations to our nearest neighbors, have a bar-b-que and offer discounted glider flights. Think of it as an invitation only open house where we try to build some good will with those we fly over.

For Sale:

  • Trailer Slot South Hanger, $6000, contact the secretary.
  • SXNAV S10 Vario for sale, contact Jack Goritski