You do remember that we are ALL volunteers in this club? RIGHT!? I say this because there have been a couple of incidents brought to my attention that are greatly disturbing. Cases of members being berating for their volunteer effort. Whiskey Tango  Foxtrot! We do NOT complain to a Tow Pilot because he can’t tow until 3:00 and you want to launch at 1:00. Sorry NO, he is a volunteer, he is doing this as a favor to you, on his own time. It is also very ungrateful to complain when someone organizes an evening activity, but you don’t happen to like the food, music or move. If you don’t like the way it was organized, guess what? You are free to do the next one.

Speaking of volunteers; have you thanked the instructors and tow pilots for their effort for the encampment? Or how about Steve Devine, who organized the encampment. Do not take these volunteers for granted.

Ok, rant off, We return to a regularly scheduled program…..

During encampment we received a fuel delivery of 3000 gallons. Aviation gas is not immune to the rising prices we see all around us. We paid $6.08/gallon. I am sure you have figured out by now that is going to require a tow fee “adjustment.” Sorry, but we have to do it: An SRB will go up $2, 1000′ to 3000′ will go up $3 and above $3000′ will go up $4. These new prices will go into effect September 1st.

Upcoming Events:

We are celebrating 80 years of PGC on September 10th. We will have a band; ‘Back Porch Jug Band’ and  catered food from from Pasqualina’s, Board members are supplying deserts. Members are to bring their own beverages. If rain we will move into the hanger. Contact Beth if you would like to volunteer to help. Inactive members our welcome!

Also on September 24th we will <finally> have Neighbors day! We will send out invitations to our closest neighbors and offer them a discounted flight. We will need all hands on deck. Tow pilots and commercial pilots will be busy with flights, we will need people to register our guests, others to serve up hot dogs, etc. Plenty of work for all.

Other news:

I know it is only the middle of August, but fall elections are coming up (PGC not State.) Two current board members will not be running again. Our Nominating committee has been hard at work and has a roster of candidates: Stephen Buerkle, Phil Klauder, Charles Norman, Michael O’Donnell and Jones Shannon. Bio’s for each of them will be distributed soon. If you do not know these members already, please seek them out and get to know them before the Fall Member’s meeting.

Our Lawyers are working on our 501(c)3 application. We expect to submit it to the IRS sometime in September.

We have a new tow pilot: Chris McCardell.

We have been receiving many suggestions on “things the club needs” now that the easement has closed. We hear you! We are trying to prioritize what we need the most, get estimates, set budgets and schedule so we use the easement proceeds as effectively as possible. We need to be careful not to “blow” it.


For Sale:

A Trailer slot is available in south hanger $6,000. Contact the secretary if interested.