2 thoughts on “Migrate Documents Library”

  1. Document migration finished. Below documents with broken links from the old library that I could not migrate. Also question if ASW19 items should be removed?

    Missing documents
    Governance BOD minutes
    2013-03 BOD & Spring Members Mtg Minutes
    2013-05 BOD Minutes
    2013-06 & 07 BOD MInutes
    2013-09 BOD Minutes

    Instruction Annual Quiz
    Discus B Quiz

    Instruction Initial check out
    All document links broken
    ASW-19 Initial Checkout
    Discus B Initial Checkout
    Duo Discus Initial Checkout
    Grob 102 Initial Checkout

    Documents to be removed?
    ASW 19 Manual
    ASW 19B Quiz
    Operations Forms
    ASW 19 daily check list

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