Classroom #6 is in Session

It’s 2023, and we are on a roll!

Ground School in Person and as Zoom:
Phil Klauder started setting up Classroom #6 (formerly club house) on Saturday for the Ground school starting this coming Saturday 1/28/23 at 9 AM either as Zoom or in person. There will be attendees from all over the country. It’s not too late – reach out to , if you want to join.

The FIRC 2/11+2/12/23 presented by three pilots/instructors from the Soaring Safety Foundation. Geared towards re-validation of instructors but open to all! Here too – reach out to Phil Klauder for more information. This clinic gives Wings credits!

First flights of the year:
1/15/23, the ground was frozen, the wind blowing from the North. Mik stayed up for an hour finding lift between torn up thermals and some wave carried downwind. Yes, it’s wet right now, but all it takes is a good freeze for our field to be flyable.

Ops and Safety briefings:
Check your PGC calendar – there are three Ops and Safety briefings already schedule. Jef Potters and Ajay Tandon are working on the updated presentation. The first briefing will be in person at PGC and strongly recommended for all new(er) members. After the regular briefing, there will be a detailed walk-through and Q&A – you know, all those questions you always had but were afraid to ask. Or you received five different answers to.

Budget approved and Membership:
We approved a budget at around $210k with an expected number of active members around 100. It has always struck me as odd, that the club will not know until May or June, how many members will renew. We want to add new members from our waiting list in May. So drop our treasurer a note, if you intend on going inactive. Dues are due on 3/31/23.

Spring Membership meeting:
Make sure to pencil in 3/25/23 for the Spring Membership meeting starting 9am at Calvary Church. Why? We hope to have a speaker or two! And FOOD. And there will be some important updates from our Conservancy Capital Fund committee and the Long Range Planning committee along with other club news to get the new season rolling.

PX/KG update:
ReFinish will start stripping our gliders late this month and they anticipate to have the gliders on their way back by….. No, not gonna jinx it. But we will be ready to receive them back. Jack is working on new panels and some instrumentation will be updated.

Trailer spots for sale:
Klaus Esser and Justin Shaw each have a trailer spot in the South hangar for sale. Asking price $6,000. Reach out to our secretary Michelle Wootton if interested.