The risks we take

News from the beautiful Hilltop…

Conservancy Capital Fund
We have a committee working on a recommendation, how to protect the windfall. Guess what – from what I gather, risk is their key topic. Risk of losing out against inflation. Risk of negative returns. Thanks for all involved in working through this.

Winter starkly uncovers, what nature so nicely hides the rest of year. There is more clean up to do behind the South hangar and some other locations.
Our easement clearly states, that we cannot use the eased grounds as a junkyard. We do not want to risk being in non compliance with the township! Here also the very clear message to us all, that we want to make PGC a bit cleaner every day.  (PS: Legacy Issues)

Insurance dropped for the new year
Who woulda thunk. And that even though we added another ship. Costello provides discounts for Zero claims in previous years. Of course, there is a but: The liability cap has remained at $1 Mio. Is that enough? Do we expose ourselves to an increased risk from under insurance?

Glider fleet
PX/KG are under the sandpaper as we speak. For the time being, we are down to three 103s. As one risk mitigation measure, we are getting ~7k of spare parts for our 103s. With this, we reiterate another Commandment:
Though shall never lose sight of the tow plane
Though shall treat your gliders, as if flight depends on it.

Are you really belted in?
The challenge of club ships is, that us members and guests come in all shapes and sizes. Cutting corners while buckling in will put us at risk of a canopy strike or worse during take off/landing or in turbulence. Related, Phil Klauder has started an effort to update our seat cushions.

Of stepping up
The hardest thing in any volunteer run club is finding volunteers to lead an effort. With that please thank our new members Mark Scherluebbe (Long Range Planning),  Nick Frezza (Buildings) and Ajay Tandon (Operations with Jef Potters) for stepping up and helping out. Keep a lookout on updates to give a hand with some projects.

Not flying…
Don’t know about you, but Yes, I’ve been itching to fly and am utterly grateful, that we flew on that blustery day in January.
Unimaginable the risk to my mental health otherwise. So take the opportunity to come out and fly during this very early season. Not just for your mental well-being. Be ahead of the crowd and get your annual PGC check out of the way.

Ops and Safety briefings:
The first briefing is 3/4/23 at 9am in Classroom #6. We strongly recommend it for all new(er) members. After the regular briefing, there will be a detailed walk-through and Q&A. Reminder: An Ops/Safety briefing is mandatory to participate in flight ops at PGC!

Spring Membership meeting:
Make sure to pencil in 3/25/23 for the Spring Membership meeting starting 9am at Calvary Church. Why? We will have a speaker or two! And FOOD, Awards, mingling with friends not seen for a few months, plus some important updates from your club.

Seasonal Camper spots:
Reach out to Phil Klauder if interested.

Trailer spots for sale:
Klaus Esser and Justin Shaw each have a trailer spot in the South hangar for sale. Asking price $6,000. Reach out to our secretary Michelle Wootton if interested.