Encampment Week

Despite smoke from the west coast we had an exciting Encampment week. Over one hundred and ninety flights with over 100 instructional flights. Two new certificates and two Silver distance badges.

Several member, including many of our youth members, camped out during the week. Enabling them to get a head start on the sign up sheet in the morning and to enjoy the wonderful sunsets and night sky.

This is all possible because of our tow pilots: Ludo, J.L., Steve, Paul, Bob, Connor and Eddie, our Instructors: Ludo, Tom, Jack, Connor, Paul, Steve, Peter and Andrew. (Notice there is a lot of overlap in that list.) Thank you all! Your effort made this wonderful week possible!

We should especially thank Steve Devine. Steve spearheads the encampment each year and contributes a week of his vacation to the effort. Steve’s magical weather week in July held out. Smoke was our biggest concern. A very big thanks to Steve.

 We are having a very good year. PGC is very resilient and is bouncing back after a very strange 2020. Credit to our vast group of volunteers! ( That’s YOU!)

However we are not out of the woods with COVID just yet. We were all hoping COVID would be behind us by now, but that is not the case. The Delta variant is causing some serious concerns. While fully vaccinated individuals are unlikely to become seriously sick, it appears we can transmit this variant. Thus putting the unvaccinated at risk. The BOD will be discussing Neighbors day at the next BOC meeting. And we may have to re-introduce masking requirements.