Flight recorder, OLC and SeeYou oh my

Are you of the whata coulda donna type?

a Flight recorder along with OLC and SeeYou is the perfect combination. The cost? As little as nothing.

What do you get? A full 3D flight replay with number of thermals, glides, the works.

What does it take?

  • A flight recorder. On an Android phone, that could be XC Soar – a free download.
    On iPhone, that could be iGlide, though as everything fruity – it’s gonna cost
    A stand-along flight recorder (for example flyWithCe)
  • An OLC account. Make sure, PGC-Philadelphia  is your club! Simply click on “Claim flight” and register
  • Once your flight has been entered, you will see a button “SeeYou” – that will open up a new browser and you can analyze to your hearts content.