Encampment Weather, Monday Update

We are pre-frontal and today continues to look marginal at best as, to the prior cautions on unpleasant conditions on the ground and low ceilings, we can add SW winds gusting to 20+ kts and an increasing chance of rain by mid-afternoon. We may have a window from late morning to mid-afternoon. Tuesday should be … Read more

Encampment Weather

You should have been here last week…Well now it’s this week and it starts off ugly with Monday’s surface dewpoints around 75F and temperatures around 85F so we are likely to have to deal with a 2,000 ft ceiling and enervating conditions on the ground. Tuesday should be a lot better with 5,000 ft msl … Read more

Weekend Wx

I’m doing (remote) wx for the Hobbs contest until July 2 so this forecast and its preparation are brief.  Saturday looks like the better of two soarable days with cu at ~5,500 ft msl and average climbs of 3 kt,  Some chance of OD around Blairstown. Sunday looks blue for the GCup South, North OK … Read more

Sunday Wx Update

Another ridge day, another T/O and landing challenge. Winds at the top of the BL still about 30 kts and KABE TAF has: FM191800 32014G27KT P6SM FEW250 which also implies blue conditions. I’m opting out in favor of Monday which although probably blue should give us a 5,000 ft BL and winds from the NW … Read more

Sunday Outlook

Persistent strong north westerly winds will remain a problem with surface gusts again expected to be 25 kts.  Much better BL however and cu are likely at ~6,500 ft. Expect an update before 0800h Sunday.

Region 2N Forecast, VT 18Z Saturday Jun 18

This is about right fror PGC also. Synoptics We are now post-frontal with a secondary trough being dragged behind.  Conditions are however anomalous given the synoptic picture with rather small temperature/dew point spreads at the surface and a poorly developed boundary layer – the former will limit cloudbases to about 4,000 ft msl, the latter … Read more

Weekend Outlook

Wind will play a much larger role than is normal for mid-June.  Models in good agreement that wind at the top  of the BL will be at least 25 kts.from the NW.  Surface winds less of course but the resulting shear is going to be a factor too.  Surface gusts to ~25 kts are to … Read more

Friday June 10 Forecast

Pretty much a guaranteed good day with light Westerly winds and lift to 6 – 7 kft.  Very dry airmass so we may see some blue areas.  Any cu that form will do so at about 7,000 ft msl. I plan to launch from N57 where we have an operation set to go and I … Read more

Sunday Update

Even drier air and a BL not forecast to develop much over 6,000 ft should combine to produce a blue day.  The optimist might point to yesterday and hope for cu, realistically expect blue and be happy if I am wrong.   QV Jun 5 1200Z

Weekend Wx

Nice weekend coming up, in the air and on the ground.  Dry air on the  surface makes for comfort but not for cu.  Any cu on Saturday would be at about 7,000 ft but don’t count on much more  than climbs to ~6,000 ft msl in the blue.  Chances for cu are however better on … Read more