Weekend Wx

Sunday through Tuesday all look like ridge days with Monday shaping up to be preferred for local ridges.  Sunday wind angles are OK but not comfortable at 290 degree, strength is adequate.  Sunday is also likely to see extensive SC development.   Monday the NW flow veers to 310+, a better angle for local ridges.  … Read more

Weekend Wx

Pretty clear cut choice in favor of Sunday which will be post-frontal, dry and pleasant while Saturday will prolong the string of ghastly weather we have been enduring. Assuming no rain on Saturday about the best to be expected is 4,000 ft msl, probably with cu.  Sunday looks blue and not particularly strong with the … Read more

Weekend Wx

Post frontal high pressure will give us a second soaring day on Saturday, albeit not as good as Friday.  As the high slides East on Sunday, SW winds will pick up and the airmass will become more stable and may not support soaring.   Saturday:  It’s reasonable, but not guaranteed to expect cu at about … Read more

Weekend Wx

Miserable pretty much does it. If you want details, low cloud and possible rain/storms likely both days and nothing I can see which suggests soarable conditions are possible either day, with Saturday likely to be IMC all day and Sunday cloudbase less than 3,000 ft msl.  Medium and long range forecasts offer little in the … Read more

Sunday Update

Cancel yesterday’s forecast – strong WSW winds aloft pulling in moisture and blanketing us with mid and hi-level cloud.  Reduced surface heating will be hard pressed to develop much more than a 3,000 ft BL..  On the bright side it’s going to be really pleasant on the ground….   QV Sunday August 15 1145Z

Weekend Wx

Synoptics A cold front will cross PA during the day on Saturday, bringing (slowly) some relief from the high humidity we have been seeing.  It will also bring the chance of rain and thunderstorms by mid-afternoon.  Sunday should be a great day to be out with dewpoints in the mid- to low 50”s (they have … Read more

Saturday Update

Synoptics High pressure starts moving offshore and a warm front is advancing from the West.  Two features of today’s otherwise good forecast could cause trouble:  Increasing hi cloud cover and some spreadout to stratocu..     Instability Most models show a 6 – 7 kft BL thru late afternoon but any significant Ci is going to … Read more

Friday AM Update and Weekend Outlook

The high cloud cover yesterday probably spoiled what might have been a record day.  Conditions at PGC were barely sustainable until about 1:00 PM. I launched at about 1:30 PM with a lot of high cloud cover and ugly looking black Cu.  I set out for Blairstown at about 2:00 PM under a much improved … Read more

Thursday Update

Looks like a very nice day with the NWS rather uncharacteristically gushing about “possibly the nicest day of the summer”.  Bear in mind however that the scope for trouble is far greater in soaring forecasts than beach forecasts.  See below under cautions. Synoptics Solidly post-frontal with high pressure building through Friday. Instability BL is forecast to … Read more

Wednesday Forecast, Three Day Outlook

Following another day of smoke we will see a decent frontal passage later today which should deliver three days of good soaring.  The NWS went so far as to comment that “Thursday could be the nicest day of the summer so far”.  With the caveat that there is still a decreased chance of some smoke … Read more