Weekend Wx

Nice weekend coming up and soaring should be possible if less than memorable.  Both days look pretty blue and neither are likely to see climbs above 4,000 ft.  Saturday looks marginally better if you can only fly one day.  Winds less than five kts SW Saturday, 10 – 12 kts SW Sunday. QV 2022-09-19 1200Z

Wednesday Outlook

It’s a little soon to be sure but the synoptics are good with CFROPA expected to see the front well offshore by 12Z Wednesday and a ~25 F T/DP spread. I’m planning on launching from New Garden assuming the forecast holds up.  Expect updates.   QV

Sunday Update

“Saturday is by far the better of the two days”. Sunday weather control missed this and now Sunday looks like it is the better day, at least for the GCup South.  We should see plenty of cu with bases rising to 7,000 ft by mid-afternoon and almost no wind.  A potentially super day. QV 2022-08-14 … Read more


Saturday is by far the better of the two days with pre-frontal cloud set to spoil Sunday. Clouds of all flavors will be unlikely today which is shaping up to be a very pleasant on the ground and a good one in the air, particularly if you don’t mind flying in the blue.  By mid-afternoon … Read more

 Sunday Update

Yesterday unforecast Ci cloud put a damper on at least the New Garden – Morgantown area and it looked pretty blue north of Morgantown.  Any PIREPS appreciated. Today strong SW flow (50 kt) at 30,000 ft and a developing short wave on the stalled front to the south looks set to produce a lot of … Read more

Weekend Wx

By early Sat morning we will be solidly post frontal with a moderate NW flow and surface dewpoints around 60F, making for a very comfortable weeknd and some decent soaring. Both days look OK with cu likely at about 5,550 – 6,000 ft.  BL winds max ~15 kts NW on Saturday, backing to SW, <10 … Read more

Encampment Wx, Sunday Update

No PIREPS for Saturday but I was wrong about cu which did make an appearance by mid-afternoon.  Hoping not to make the converse error today in going for cu at about 7,000 ft msl.  It may not be easy to climb that high due to 20+ kt SW winds which could breakup thermals. Dewpoints in … Read more

Encampment Wx, Saturday Update

About the only things I am confident about are that it will be hot and blue.  As for lift, SkySight seems pessimistic, the HRRR model seems optimistic.  I’ll hedge my bets and go with  climbs to about 5,000 ft msl. Wind SW, <10 kts. Yesterday was not as good as I hoped (and forecast!) Local … Read more

Encampment Wx, Friday Update

Likely to be the best day of the week with cloudbases as high as 7,000 ft and much needed drops in surface dewpoints to the mid-low sixties.  Wind SW about 15 kts.  A slight chance of isolated thunder. Saturday also looking very good. QV, 2022-07-22 1100Z