How bugs are passed around.

I (Dave) was/am a big fan of the TV show Scrubs. Despite it being a comedy show, it would often have a gem of reality. Here is a clip that I think is appropriate in today’s environment. <I>Scrubs</i> Clip Illustrates How Disease Spreads, Value of Social Distancing

How do I configure tinyCam to see the cameras?

From Security Spy’s website: We recommend the tinyCam Monitor app. To set up a camera in the tinyCam app: add a new camera, set the Vendor to Mac and the Model to SecuritySpy, enter the IP address, port and username/password of your SecuritySpy server, and in Advanced Settings set the channel number to a SecuritySpy camera number. … Read more

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2017 to be a Bad Year for Lyme!

Hi, this is Dave, I’m hi-jacking ‘From the Backseat’ to talk about an issue we need to be carful about on the ground. Ticks and Lyme. We spend a lot of time on the ground and ticks are going to be exceptionally abundant this year. Why? Because 2015 was a mast year for oak trees. Huh?! … Read more

Never do another Flight Review.

Did you know that you never need to take another biennial flight review. When I first earned my private certificate, if I wasn’t interested in a higher rating, I never needed to fly with another flight instructor, ever again. Many pilots flew that way. After all, once I earned my driver’s license, I didn’t need … Read more

PGC Memorial

As many of you know, wave lift can form down wind of a ridge if the winds are strong and the air is stable. The lift is very smooth, and can reach an altitude several times that of the ridge that forms it. Some of our members have traveled to mountainous regions during the right … Read more

How do I post an Item in Garage Sale

After you are logged in there will be a black bar at the top of the screen. At the left is a “W” in a circle, next to that is a small dial, click on that and select “dashboard” A black bar will appear to the left with the following choices GarageSale List Active,GargeSale List … Read more

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Safety Blog

On-line mechanism for PGC members to share information about things they do while flying that are uncomfortable or down right scary from a safety perspective, so that others might learn from posts. The exercise of having people share/report experiences will not only provide specific leanings but will also help to keep safety awareness high. Contact … Read more