Fall Cleanup 12/2/23

Yes, it’s that time again. Saturday 12/2/23 we clean up the leaves. There will be food afterwards! And weather permitting flying. Bring all the blowers, rakes and tarps you can find. Amazing what many of us can accomplish in a couple hours.  

It’s all about the Fall

How about a Fall BBQ 10/21? The first beverage (beer, wine, soda, water) is on PGC! Chef Lukas will be grilling. Bring some sides and a friend. Sunset is at 6:13pm, we’ll start around 5:30pm. And we will make sure, the fire wood is dry! Fall membership meeting 11/04/23 at Calvary Church in Souderton at … Read more

We are getting close!

We are getting close!Hopefully you were able to attend one of the Informational meetings that provided updates on our plans for a Disbursement Policy, how to invest the easement money and what long range projects are on the horizon. Join the next board meeting for more details, which is this time: Next board meeting 9/21/23 … Read more

Wx from QV

POINT SOARING FORECAST FOR KABE VT SAT AUGUST 5 10 AM Synoptics We will be post frontal by early Saturday and our weekend weather will be controlled by a large high pressure system centered north of the Great Lakes.This is a setup for two very similar days.  Also very pleasant days. Instability Don’t’ expect much … Read more

We cracked it open. And wow…

PX and KG are back at PGC! And boy are they shiny. Now for the challenge: Do we deserve such beautiful ships! Can we keep them clean? It’s up to each one of us! Having observed the way in which Jef Potters and Jack managed the logistics of getting PX and KG ReFinish’d in Poland, … Read more

Sunday/Monday Wx

Synoptics The low pressure system which gave us unsettled weather is moving away to the NE where it still has the potential to  harass the R2N contest, leaving us under the influence of an extensive if weak area of high pressure and the associated weak anticyclonic flow. Instability Bothe Sunday and Monday should have mixed … Read more