Classroom #6 is in Session

It’s 2023, and we are on a roll! Ground School in Person and as Zoom: Phil Klauder started setting up Classroom #6 (formerly club house) on Saturday for the Ground school starting this coming Saturday 1/28/23 at 9 AM either as Zoom or in person. There will be attendees from all over the country. It’s … Read more

2023 PGC Calendar

You can find the 2023 PGC calendar is in the flight office and in classroom. Every member can get a small desk calendar, which has all important 2023 PGC dates in it. The big calendars were pre-ordered. There may be a few extra. Reach out to Tom Stevenson, if you want one of the big … Read more

Welcome to the PGC Flight School

Wait, what? Since when are we a flight school? Really ever since PGC was founded. And any of us, that learned to fly at PGC have done so with a curriculum, rigor and dedication of our volunteer flight instructors, that equals or exceeds any commercial flight school out there. To the point, that our DPE suggested, … Read more

“It ain’t over ‘til its over”

Dear PGC Pilots- I have five separate things to talk to you about today. Please bear with me. “It ain’t over ‘til its over”- This is the last weekend with scheduled field managers, but that doesn’t mean that we will go into hibernation. As long as the field is clear of snow, and tow pilots … Read more

October? Wait! where did the summer go?

Wow, October is here! One of my favorite months. The weather is cooler, the leaves are changing, but also the days are getting shorter. We see less of our youth members because they are back in school. (You remember school, right?) We slow down a bit in the fall, but we don’t stop. Regular Wednesday … Read more

Neighbor’s Day!

Yesterday we had a very successful Neighbor’s Day! A Big Big thanks to Beth who organized the food and greeters. Likewise to Wolfgang who not only coordinated the invitations also stepped up to Field Manage the Day. Thanks to the Tow Pilots: Peter Hoey, Steve Devine, Chris McCardell and Paul Finestone. And the instructor/commercial pilots who … Read more

Weekend Wx

Nice weekend coming up and soaring should be possible if less than memorable.  Both days look pretty blue and neither are likely to see climbs above 4,000 ft.  Saturday looks marginally better if you can only fly one day.  Winds less than five kts SW Saturday, 10 – 12 kts SW Sunday. QV 2022-09-19 1200Z

Busy September

For those of you missed the 80th anniversary  party, you missed a great time.  It has been way too long since we were all able to get together. A very big thanks to Beth for putting it all together. The Back Porch Jug Band was excellent, I hope to see them again. We dug out … Read more