501(c)3 Conversion

At this month’s board meeting Cheshire Law presented their updated analysis of our conversion to a 501(c)3 organization. The revised report is in the document library: Report from Cheshire law I do encourage everyone to read it, I admit it is about as exciting as reading the FAR/AIM, if you want the Cliff notes see pages … Read more

Weekend Wx

Looks like a washout.  The synoptic picture is unusual in that the low pressure area is south of us and the high north.  This is just the opposite of the classic ridge day set up with strong NE winds rather than NW. There is just a chance that Sunday will produce some soarable weather but … Read more

Saturday – Sun Forecasts

The slow moving coastal low pressure area which has produced sustained strong NW winds for three days will move to the NE but not without producing one more day with a NW flow and very dry air.   For Saturday expect surface and BL winds to be <15 kts with possible 20 kt gusts.   Should see … Read more

Thursday – Sun Forecasts

The slow moving coastal low pressure area at the Canadian borderwill drag a second front through on Thursday, maintaining the strong NW winds and ushering in very dry air.  Thursday and Friday look very blue and very windy with surface gusts to 30+ mph.  Both days will see strong ridge conditions. Saturday will remain under … Read more

Weekend Forecast

A slow moving extensive area of low pressure to the W/NW and a coastal high will bring a meandering warm front our way, producing extensive cloud cover but no precip on Saturday, and sunny conditions on Sunday.  Both days look quite stable and the soaring on either day will be for the birds only.  Light … Read more

Can we fly yet?

It’s April so we are flying, wait, what? Yea, April rains have made the field its usual spring mud pit. But fear not, the sun will come out the grass will grow, sucking up that water. And we will be flying! Stay tuned to our social media outlets: email, text and Discord. — UPDATE – … Read more

Weather tools

Our weatherman is at the region 5 North contest in South Carolina. But here are some tools you can use: Check Wunderground: https://www.wunderground.com/weather/us/pa/hilltown/40.32,-75.24 Windy: https://www.windy.com/40.342/-75.253?39.863,-75.253,8 Dr. Jack: http://www.drjack.info/BLIP/NAM/NE/index.html Here is one, which presents a good forecast for aviation: http://www.usairnet.com/cgi-bin/launch/code.cgi?Submit=Go&sta=KDYL&state=PA And you’ve probably heard about Skysight – a very compelling tool, if for no other reason … Read more

First Look at the FRI- SUN weekend

An extensive surface low and its upper air extension are making for a very wet Thursday and are likely to cause trouble in the shape of extensive cloud  cover on both Friday and Saturday.  Friday should be the better of the two days with cu at or about 5,500 ft msl if the sun gets … Read more