Neighbor’s Day!

Yesterday we had a very successful Neighbor’s Day! A Big Big thanks to Beth who organized the food and greeters. Likewise to Wolfgang who not only coordinated the invitations also stepped up to Field Manage the Day. Thanks to the Tow Pilots: Peter Hoey, Steve Devine, Chris McCardell and Paul Finestone. And the instructor/commercial pilots who … Read more

Weekend Wx

Nice weekend coming up and soaring should be possible if less than memorable.  Both days look pretty blue and neither are likely to see climbs above 4,000 ft.  Saturday looks marginally better if you can only fly one day.  Winds less than five kts SW Saturday, 10 – 12 kts SW Sunday. QV 2022-09-19 1200Z

Busy September

For those of you missed the 80th anniversary  party, you missed a great time.  It has been way too long since we were all able to get together. A very big thanks to Beth for putting it all together. The Back Porch Jug Band was excellent, I hope to see them again. We dug out … Read more

Wednesday Outlook

It’s a little soon to be sure but the synoptics are good with CFROPA expected to see the front well offshore by 12Z Wednesday and a ~25 F T/DP spread. I’m planning on launching from New Garden assuming the forecast holds up.  Expect updates.   QV


You do remember that we are ALL volunteers in this club? RIGHT!? I say this because there have been a couple of incidents brought to my attention that are greatly disturbing. Cases of members being berating for their volunteer effort. Whiskey Tango  Foxtrot! We do NOT complain to a Tow Pilot because he can’t tow … Read more

Sunday Update

“Saturday is by far the better of the two days”. Sunday weather control missed this and now Sunday looks like it is the better day, at least for the GCup South.  We should see plenty of cu with bases rising to 7,000 ft by mid-afternoon and almost no wind.  A potentially super day. QV 2022-08-14 … Read more


Saturday is by far the better of the two days with pre-frontal cloud set to spoil Sunday. Clouds of all flavors will be unlikely today which is shaping up to be a very pleasant on the ground and a good one in the air, particularly if you don’t mind flying in the blue.  By mid-afternoon … Read more