Encampment Week

Despite smoke from the west coast we had an exciting Encampment week. Over one hundred and ninety flights with over 100 instructional flights. Two new certificates and two Silver distance badges. Several member, including many of our youth members, camped out during the week. Enabling them to get a head start on the sign up … Read more

Saturday Update

Synoptics High pressure starts moving offshore and a warm front is advancing from the West.  Two features of today’s otherwise good forecast could cause trouble:  Increasing hi cloud cover and some spreadout to stratocu..     Instability Most models show a 6 – 7 kft BL thru late afternoon but any significant Ci is going to … Read more

Thursday Update

Looks like a very nice day with the NWS rather uncharacteristically gushing about “possibly the nicest day of the summer”.  Bear in mind however that the scope for trouble is far greater in soaring forecasts than beach forecasts.  See below under cautions. Synoptics Solidly post-frontal with high pressure building through Friday. Instability BL is forecast to … Read more

Wednesday Forecast, Three Day Outlook

Following another day of smoke we will see a decent frontal passage later today which should deliver three days of good soaring.  The NWS went so far as to comment that “Thursday could be the nicest day of the summer so far”.  With the caveat that there is still a decreased chance of some smoke … Read more


“rising thermal profiles, will equate to high temperatures 3 to 5 degrees warmer compared to yesterday (or lower 90s for most areas). We will also have another day of smoke with restrictions in visibility.” So, as the old saw has it – if you liked yesterday you’ll love today. With better weather due Thursday I’m … Read more

Monday July 19 Update

Synoptics We are now post-frontal with the chance of some associated troughs passing thru the Lehigh Valley area this PM.   Instability We should see a very good BL of about 7,000 ft and can expect 3 – 5 kt lift.   Clouds Cu at about 5,000 ft msl by noon, rising to ~6,500 ft.  … Read more

Encampment Weather

With an expected frontal passage late Sunday and a second late Wednesday we look set for a decent week of soaring (nice timing for the encampment).  M. T, W, T should all be soarable with Monday and Thursday looking like the best days.  Friday not promising. I’ll be putting out updates so keep an eye … Read more

Don’t miss out on 9 days of flying!

Between 7/17 and 7/25/21 you can fly every day for 9 days! And during the encampment week, there will be ground school, simulator check-out, check-rides and probably a first solo or two or… Plus, the weather is guaranteed to be stellar – as it has been for several years in a row on this legendary … Read more