Winter Flying

Oh baby it’s cold outside… So why?

The clear air, spectacular  scenery, a distinctly different type of airmass to experience. The highest altitudes at PGC are typically achieved in the winter months. And then there is the wave, whith a great explanation given in this just released video by “Chess in the Air”:

We’ll keep on flying. So get electric socks and bring at least one more layer than you think you need.

1 thought on “Winter Flying”

  1. Great explanation of wave flight in general and what we sometimes experience at PGC when the winds are strong and from ~300deg (like today, 27Nov). Shame we had an overcast until mid-day which precluded climbing to the necessary altitude (generally above 3,000agl) to pick up the ~tertiary wave from the ridge to our north. Note oxygen and transponder in use in the video flight – good to keep in mind when the same would be required in our area. Electric socks would also be wise 😉

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